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Great shots Sidney. I was aware of the flagellation but this practice is new to me. I learned something new today. Thanks for sharing.


A very odd way of inducing suffering to oneself ! Great pics Sidney :)


bizarre and totally fascinating.
Thanks for sharing.
Your website is always a real place to discover different kind of traditions.


what exactly am i looking at? these are some very wierd practices ..


Sidney, es muy interesante esto que nos muestras. A muchos de nosotros todas estas costumbres nos resultan muy diferentes a lo que habitualmente vivimos, por eso nos parecen muy interesantes, Gracias

Sidney, is very interesting this that you show to us. To many of us all these customs are to us very different from which habitually we lived, for that reason they seem to us very interesting, Thanks


I'll join the ranks, Sid, and rave about #2. I also love #5. The bag he chose to put on his body, combined with the event and the rest of the photo is remarkable. This series, these faces are a plea, a prayer in and of themselves. Thank you.


En sus de la qualité des photos, tes clichés présentent un grand intérêt sur le plan ethnographique. C'est fascinant de voyager ainsi à travers le monde ...


Unbelivable!!!! This is something I had never heard of or seen photos of. amazing stuff.


Things are getting more and more weird here, just never have seen all these rituals and happenings before. This site is becoming such a documentary center on the Philippines : congrats !!
Thanks for explaining the burning.


hmm not sure what to think. Lucky you get to take pictures and see all this...


at first i didn't understand what the pictures were all about, it took me sometime. gee, totally new!


Looks like a pretty tough way to move about.

Kheoh Yee Wei

wow ! Amazing ! what were they doing this ? Glad that you captured this :D

Gérard Méry

Les grenouilles sont dans les mares pas sur la route !


Accident de flagellation? ;-)


A new of your great report... I'm very impressed by the hard form of the faith, and by the diversity of the habits in the Philippines.


Wow. That's bizarre. It looks fun. :)


Wow ... Why would they roll on the ground or hop like frogs?

Just wondering.

Ashish Sidapara

This is something i have never seen/heard of, very interesting!


Looks like fun.


An amazing tradition. I can't imagine how hot the asphalt must be to roll on. Fine images.


i read the description on your other post, an after seeing the pictures.. is this not more painful?

and sidney..i thought you were in another place last holy week. i'm truly amazed on how many places you could go to. it's like everyday you're in another place :)


Thanks for that Sidney!


To Missy: it is definitely not a game but a « panata », a vow.
To Ces: yes burning. You know how warm it is in the Philippines. It is no fun to roll on the hot asphalt. Many children enjoy more freedom to roam around without direct parental supervision than in the West. But then we are in a village setting where everybody knows everybody. There is always somebody watching you…
To Ndiginiz: you are right. It is the same concept as flagellation but a bit milder. The concept behind these rituals is a vow. Faced with a serious problem the devotee promises the Almighty a painful sacrifice in exchange for help.


Tena koe ehoa
It's interesting to see that not many people are around to witness this activity yet it is something I believe with the same dedication though no to the same dgree, as flagellation? Is it fair to say this is childrens take on the concept? or is it a acknowledged act in relation to holyweek activities?

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